Noleggio SUP Pesaro

Rent your SUP and sail to discover the cliffs of Monte San Bartolo.

Pesaro SUP rental

The natural park of Monte San Bartolo is a natural spectacle also observed from the sea!

Sail to discover the cliffs overlooking the sea and explore the hidden coves.

Sailing with the SUP is silent, emission-free and allows you to observe all the biodiversity of the marine environment without disturbing it.

Useful tips:

  • bring a thermal water bottle with you
  • if you have one, use a waterproof or airtight bag to store your items (mobile phone, documents, etc.)
  • if you go out at sunset, we recommend wearing (or bringing with you) technical clothing

We ask our customersĀ to always be respectful
of the natural environment and its inhabitants.

Collect your waste, do not dispose in water
or on the beach plastics or waste of any kind.

Indeed .. “leave the world a little better than you found it“.
If you see or find trash, do your best to take it to a bin.

If you see a marine animal: do not go near it,
slow down and walk away in silence.

Remember that you are in its habitat (and not vice versa)!
Jellyfish, for example, should NEVER be removed from the water.