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SUP Yoga lessons in Pesaro, we’re in Baia Flaminia. Come and do yoga on the SUP with us!

In collaboration with MAAT – yoga and disciplines for body and spirit

Sup Yoga (Stand Up Paddle Yoga) is an extraordinary practice in which the physical and mental benefits of physical activity in the water are combined with the ancient traditions of yoga. Sup Yoga has spread all over the world thanks to its ability to establish deep contact with the surrounding nature, allowing those who practice it to immerse themselves in an experience suitable for all skill levels. In fact, even beginners can have fun experimenting with the asanas on the board, and if by chance you lose your balance, don’t worry: ending up in the water will only be a fun part of the experience!

The benefits of SUP Yoga

The benefits of Sup Yoga are truly multiple and go far beyond simple contact with the surrounding natural environment. Indeed, the practice of Paddle board Yoga offers a unique opportunity to work on the deep muscles of the body, with particular emphasis on the abdomen, which is essential for maintaining stability in the water. At the same time, the glutes and deep back muscles are also involved, thus contributing to a more toned body and better posture.

On the board, you have to constantly activate your muscles to maintain your balance on an unstable surface, which results in an effective workout for your core muscle groups. This not only improves strength and flexibility, but also balance and coordination. In addition to the physical benefits, practicing paddle board yoga also offers benefits for the mind, as it requires greater focus and concentration to stabilize the moving asanas on the water.

In addition, the natural and relaxing environment of the water helps reduce stress and promote a greater connection with nature and with oneself. This combination of physical exercise, meditation and immersion in nature makes Sup Yoga a truly rewarding experience for body and spirit.

Book your SUP Yoga lesson in Pesaro now, places are limited!

Check-in 8:30
Check-out 9:30

SUP Yoga lessons in Pesaro.

  • When: Every Thursday, from 8:30 to 9:30.
  • Where: meeting point on the shoreline of the free beach of Baia Flaminia in Pesaro (get off the walkway that starts from the local “Kiosko”).
  • Teacher: Valentina Perugini
  • Benefits: contact with the surrounding natural environment; activation of the deep muscles of the body; improves strength and flexibility, but also balance and coordination; it also offers benefits for the mind, as it requires focus and concentration.
  • Participants: limited places max 5 people. The lesson will be held only when 3 participants are reached.
  • Other indications: compulsory booking, for all levels, for all ages.

The Sup Yoga lesson is canceled if the marine and weather conditions are not favourable.